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Kings & Queens!

This movement is meant to inspire and uplift it's audience and shift the "Manic Monday" mentality.  We often view Mondays in a negative light as the dreaded beginning of our work week. Instead, Motivation Money Making Monday is aimed at changing the narrative. M.M.M.M. suggests that we should be excited about our Mondays as the uplifting start to how we feed our families, connect with others, build relationships, reset if necessary and ultimately achieve our goals.

We inspire by highlighting positive movements happening within our OWN under served communities. Check 'em out!







What People Say...

THANK YOU Angelo for being a beacon of light, for your support, for your acknowledgment, for being a role model and for uplifting the "voice" and influence of our mission. I/we value the investment you made in us ... We are in this together! #Cooperativeeconomics #collaborativeworkandresponsibility #PassionWins #keepgoing

Carmen Duncan of Mission Impossible Transitional Services

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